The Masterclub is a monthly subscription that includes the following:

  • Monthly online classes facilitated by Industry Professionals (Singing Coaches, Music Therapists, Award Winning Performers, Creative Writers, Ukulele Masters, Singer Songwriters and more)

  • Monthly Q +A Session for inspired learning where all your Ukulele + Creative questions will be answered live in a friendly online group coaching session.

  • Access to all the Masterclass Archives for inspired learning and replay.

  • Inclusion in our online FB community for connection and interaction with like minded individuals

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Your Coach and fellow Ukulele Rocker!

I just LOVE the simplicity, diversity and community spirit of the Ukulele. Available in four different sizes, it really is for everyone, at every level!


The Ukulele gives EVERYONE a chance to play music (even if you don't think you have talent, it doesn't matter!) as it's so transportable and easy to start.


After years of not feeling 'enough' as a musician and a two-year hiatus, I found the Ukulele rekindled my love of playing and expressing music for the sake of FUN. I have since released my own EP, toured around Australia, appeared on National Radio, and become a professionally endorsed Ukulele artist.


Now there's a way for everyone to get started playing music and explore creativity with this wonderful instrument.


I want to help people to feel empowerment, joy and fun, like their very own ROCKSTAR, with the Ukulele as their ultimate musical gateway instrument to unleashing expression and creativity.


Join me on the journey to finding your very own musical powers.


L e t ' s . D o . T h i s !

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