Ukuleles For Cricketers

11 July 2018 | Posted By Erin Harrington

Jiminy Cricket! In collaboration with Cricket Australia, Elmukulele had a wonderful time this month working with the junior Australian cricket team providing a 2 hour workshop focused on team bonding, discovery and fun. 


The cricket team had no idea what they were in for and had not been told what they were doing, so you can imagine the looks on the faces walking through the door seeing rows of colourful ukuleles awaiting them! We had them strumming, singing and performing in groups within 2 hours and it was a delight to see the team getting to know each other in a different setting, with some hidden talents emerging by the end of the day. 


We ended on a high as the Cricket players were able to take home their very own (travel size) ukuleles to take with them on their journey.  


If you're looking for something different for your team (corporate, sporting or community) it's a fantastic experience for all.


Check out some of the fun below. 

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