Ukulele and Mindfulness

15 January 2018 | Posted By Erin Harrington

Mindfulness...somewhat of a buzz word for 2017, but also a great way to be present, enjoy the moment and totally get lost in the music when it comes to Ukuleles!


This workshop was focused on building skills and technique to work into playing music on the Ukulele and boy did we have fun! In the short time frame of two hours we covered basic chords, 4 different finger picking styles and a fantastic way to break down well known songs into creative playing. Sometimes it's hard to get past the old 'strum and play' when learning the Uke (which don't get me is great fun!), but can become a bit tedious when playing the same way with EVERY song. Let's face it, dynamics just make everything better, and even though my lucky 15 victims might have been brain fried with all their newfound skills, they definitely wouldn't have been able to focus on anything other than the music. 


Voila! perfect mindfulness. 


All in all, it was a really fun night seeing fresh faces once again at Work-shop Brisbane!


See you at the next one


- Erin


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