Gleny's, "Uke Can Do it" Workshop Brisbane

"A lovely way to spend the evening."

"Thanks so much to Erin for a fabulous ukulele course! You show so much passion for music and bring such knowledge, fun and enthusiasm to your teaching. I have learnt so many new tips and tricks and I love your approach in sharing your knowledge and skill. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning or levelling up in the art of ukulele to get in touch with the super-talented Miss Elm."

Rachel, Private Student

“Erin is a warm, generous and enthusiastic teacher with a contagious passion for the mighty ukulele. My first few lessons with her lifted my confidence and skills in so many ways, and really showed me that there’s only so much I was going to learn from watching YouTube videos and practicing alone. I’m so glad I finally started taking lessons!”

Ruth, Private Student

”I really wanted to say a big thank you for teaching me not only the ukulele, which has turned out to be more beautiful and versatile than I imagined, but also about music in general, especially blues. Your passion for music is really inspiring and contagious - and you are a great teacher.”

Patricia, Mother of Private Ukulele Students

"Erin's ability to engage and motivate my kids to play the Uke has been incredible. They now wake up and go straight to their Uke for a play before starting their day. I have seen great improvement in their abilities and enjoy listening to them make music!”

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